The Siberian’s Queen

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The Siberian's Queen

Hiding in Plain Sight

For years, Daman, a Siberian Tiger Shifter, has been a nomad. Reeling from the betrayal of his lover, the reclusive tiger had retreated to the forests of his childhood in Eastern Russia. Daman had sworn off love forever, until he caught the masked eyes of a gorgeous stranger at a swanky downtown nightclub.

His jaded soul had found respite in her eyes.

In an ornate palace set in the middle of a sprawling Russian estate, lonely Princess Katerina Emerald is set to marry the dashing Sergei through an arranged marriage. The confident and boastful Sergei has a way of getting under her skin and driving her crazy. She hates herself for it, but she can’t help but be attracted to this intimidating and captivating man.

When Sergei and Daman meet, they both know that they are from the same streak and fight for the attention of the virginal princess. But when poachers threaten Princess Kat, Sergei and Daman put aside their egos and join forces in desperation to save her life.

Princess Kat’s desire for both Sergei and Daman grows as she learns more about each of the shifters. However, her passion turns to angst as the time looms closer to choose between the two suitors. By choosing Sergei, she will remain in line for the throne; choosing Daman, means giving up everything.

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